Women's Pathology Services

Women’sDX, an Aurora Diagnostics service line, provides complete pathology services to the women’s health care provider. Our expert pathologists and cytopathologists consult with our clients upon request. Our local presence within each market allows us to develop specific professional relationships with our clients and within the community in general.

We are committed to serving and supporting our colleagues with complete and clinically relevant reports. Each report includes the patient’s medical history and a correlation of biopsy, Pap test, and molecular test results. Our pathologists report all abnormal results to the ordering physician without delay. Our expertise allows us to integrate the latest tests and laboratory techniques to provide the best possible and most personalized diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic information so that clients may provide optimal patient care.

We specialize in satisfying the unique needs of the OB/GYN practice. The diversity of medical problems and patient ages in the OB/GYN office demand prompt customer service, superior connectivity, and a tailored electronic medical records system. We are cognizant of the fact that today's OB/GYN practices operate under strict guidelines, especially concerning labor and delivery.

Our mission is to produce definitive, high quality test offerings administered by expert, board-certified pathologists and cytopathologists. We must provide easy access to test results, timely services, and accurate/consistent test results. We strive to deliver the latest diagnostic modalities in women’s health for the benefit of our clients and their patients.