Surgical Pathology Services

Aurora Diagnostics Biopsy Diagnostics offers high-quality, customer service-oriented urologic pathology services.
Every biopsy and cytology specimen is microscopically examined to render a reliable and accurate diagnosis.
Moreover, our pathologists employ a variety of sophisticated diagnostic techniques, including special stains, IHC, and molecular testing, to ensure the precision of each diagnosis and to assist the referring physician in the selection of the most appropriate patient treatment option.

Surgical Pathology Service Highlights:

Comprehensive Test Menu
  • Histology and cytology services, including specialization in
     o Fine-Needle aspirations
     o Breast Pathology
  • Immunohistochemical and special stains are available to diagnose a wide range of neoplastic and infectious
    GI diseases.
  • Advanced Molecular Diagnostics
     o FISH
     o Tumor markers
  • Expertise and over [X] years of experience in general surgical pathology specializing in surgical centers and
    ambulatory procedures
  • Routine cytologic evaluation available for cyst aspirations and all types of fine needle aspirations.
  • Frozen section evaluations available in some locations for surgical margins performed in ambulatory settings with
    rapid turn-around.
  • Availability of immunohistochemical stains in the evaluation of complex cases