ADX Biopsy Diagnostics is a full-service anatomic pathology laboratory specializing in dermatopathology, urologic, gastrointestinal pathology and women’s health services. Our record of excellence in delivering the highest-quality pathology services is directly related to our exceptional physician staff and our personalized approach to customer service. Aurora Diagnostics Biopsy Diagnostics offers:

  • Community-based physician practice servicing the local medical community.
  • Board-certified pathologists and cytopathologists on staff with subspecialized training and experience
  • Internal quality procedures to ensure superior quality assurance
  • Physician-to-Physician communication & consultations
  • Comprehensive test menu – easy access to advanced testing and molecular diagnostics (i.e. IHC, FISH, tumor
    markers and advanced molecular diagnostics) to provide you the diagnostic/prognostic/therapeutic information you
    need to provide the best possible outcome for your patient.
  • Long standing status as a College of American Pathologist (CAP)-accredited laboratory
  • Specialized services, tools, and innovative technology solutions to enhance our partners’ practices
  • Exceptional personalized customer service
     o Rapid turnaround time – reports within 18-24 hours.
     o Direct and immediate telephone access to pathologists.
     o Reporting by fax, mail, overnight, in-office printer, and hand delivery.
     o ConnectDX Portal and e-reporting via a safe and secure HIPPA-compliant website.
     o Electronic result interfaces available.
     o User-friendly biopsy kits and barcoded requisitions.
     o Courier pick-up and FedEx service.

Dermatopathology Services

Gastrointestinal Pathology Services

Genitourinary Pathology Services

Surgical Pathology Services