Why am I getting a bill from you?
Aurora Diagnostics Biopsy Diagnostics recently had the responsibility of diagnosing a biopsy or other surgical tissue specimen for you. This responsibility was placed in our hands either because you, the patient, selected our lab or because your physician did.

Do you see patients at your lab?
No. Our laboratory is dedicated to processing specimens. Our board-certified pathologists diagnosis each specimen and send their diagnoses to your physician. We are not equipped to see patients.

Can I receive a copy of my results from you?
While you can receive a copy of your results, it is recommended that you first allow your clinician to read the results so that he or she can explain the context of your pathology report as well as answer any questions.

May I contact you regarding my results?
Because your physician understands your history and has worked closely with you through your examination, it is recommended that you consult your physician to understand your results.

Can I get a second opinion?
While we take pride in our board-certified pathologists, we understand sometimes you might want a second opinion. If you wish to do so, contact us and we can arrange to have your case sent to the consulting lab. You will need to sign a release and we will send the materials at no cost to you. Please understand the consulting lab may bill you or your insurance for the second opinion.